How to solve a 2x2 using Ortega Method | INTERMEDIATE

This page explains the Ortega Method of solving a 2x2.  This method is for intermediate level solving. There are twelve algorithms for this method, but you may already know the majority of them, because they are also used in solving the last layer of the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube. 

Step 1: Orientate first layer. 

Solve the white face.  You don't need to have the pieces in the correct position. They should only be orientated correctly. 

2x2 Ortega Step1

Step 2: OLL - Orientate Last Layer

You will now have one of eight cases to orientate the Last layer.  Many of the algorithms are the same as 3x3 OLL Algorithms, but there are shorter algorithms to use as there are no centers or edges.

Hold your cube with the solved face (white) on the bottom and check your top face for the patching pattern.

2x2 Ortega OLL


Step 3: PBL - Permutate Both Layers

You will now have one of five cases to permutate both layers together. Hold your cube with yellow on top and white at the bottom.  Choose from the options below that matched your situation and follow the algorithm to solve the 2x2. 


2x2 Ortega PBL



2x2 Algorithm Sets

Ortega Algorithms

Ortega | Intermediate

CLL Algorithms

CLL | Corners of Last Layer

EG-1 2x2 Algorithms

EG-1 | Erik Gunnar 1

Erik Gunnar 2 Algs

EG-2 |Erik-Gunnar 2





This helped me solve my 2×2



i did not under stand R2 U2 R U2 R2

brayden stickel

brayden stickel

? i dont get the step 2

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