Rubik's Cube World Record 3.13 by Max Park

The current record for solving the Rubik's cube is held by Max Park in a time of 3.13 seconds.  The world record was set at an official World Cube ...

3x3 - Beginner F2L (First Two Layers) of CFOP Method

What’s next in your speedcubing journey? To solve more efficiently you can solve a first layer corner and middle layer edge together rather than i...
Evolution of the GAN Cube [GansPuzzle]

Evolution of the GAN Cube [GansPuzzle]

GAN Cube is an exclusive speed cube design and manufacturing company named after the designer and owner Ganyuan Jiang (江淦源). GAN Brand is famous for constant innovation.

Educational Toys | Best Educational Toy | Rubik's Cube

Why is the Rubik’s cube an educational toy? After all you are only matching colors right? Nope… there is much more to it. In this video we will discuss the skills that you will learn and develop by solving a Rubik’s cube. 

Top 10 best speed cubers in the world.

feliks zemdegs

Who is the best speed cuber in the world? Here we list the top 10 3x3x3 speed cubers (by average) - source:  

World Cubing Association (WCA) 

Difficulty Levels of Puzzles

Difficulty levels defines a subjective assessment as to how easy or difficult it is to learn how to solve a speed cube or twisty puzzle.  Difficult...

What is the best cube to buy next?

You have mastered your last twisty puzzle [Rubik's cube ] and you are ready to take on the next challenge; but what puzzle should you learn to solve next? There are so many different types.  

Buying a speedcube? Where and how to start

So you are on the site and you want to buy a Rubik's cube?  But there are so many options in front of you and you get stuck.  What is the difference between them all and why are some so much more expensive than others?
Five Best Speed Cubes of 2020  [August 2020 Ultimate Rubik's Cube Buying Guide]

Five Best Speed Cubes of 2020 [Rubik's Cube Buying Guide]


We list the five best speed cubes of 2020 using a combination of sales data and sourcing from our thousands of product reviews. See which speed cubes make our top five?

Popular 3x3 Speed Cubes

Best Cubes for Colorblind Solvers

Best Cubes for Colorblind Solvers

Color blindness affects approximately 8% of men and 1 in 200 women in the world. On a rubik's cube or speedcube, the most common confused colors ar...
How to solve the Rubik's cube in under 5 seconds or less

How to solve the Rubik's cube in under 5 seconds or less

speedcubing in the news
The crew at Wired Science have done a fantastic job of describing the journey - the challenges, the possibilities and lastly the science of the Rubik's cube and speedcubing in a great new article and accompanying Youtube video.

2016 Blog 2 - Lots of things!

feliks zemdegs
Hi all, I thought I’d make a post and give a bit of an update, as over a third of 2016 has already passed us by, and plenty is going on. On the spe...

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