MoYu 21x21x21 Super Big Cube | World's largest cube

Difficulty Level: 5-Hard



The new 21x21x21 Stickerless super big cube from MoYu brings years of development and refinement to the big cube club.  This new cube from MoYu holds the record as the worlds largest mass produced cube and was not only a puzzle to design and build, but also an almighty puzzle for a worthy challenger.

The MoYu 21x21 is the ultimate challenge and the largest in-production cube in the world designed to test your skills, patience and determination.  The cube displays excellent and considered engineering delivering smooth turns through all sides and through all layers.  The cube is well packaged in an impressive display box, and includes additional stickers with application tape. The cube has 2709 if intrically cut plastic pieces, and weighs in at 3.15 kg

Rise to the challenge and have fun conquering this super big cube and you will be filled with a great sense of accomplishment.  Definitely not meant for the faint hearted and easily frustrated.  

Limited Return Warranty:  This is NOT a speed cube.  This is an exceptionally expensive item - solving this big puzzle requires great patience and care.  Moves cannot be forced else the cube will pop.  Warranty extends for receipt and up to layer rotation inspection only.  Start of scramble voids warranty.  Click and collect highly recommended.

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