MoYu RS3M 2021 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube with MagLev technology

Difficulty Level: 3-Standard
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The MoYu RS3M 2021 Magnetic speed cube with MagLev technology is an innovative upgrade on the very popular MoFang Jiaoshi RS3M 2020 speed cube which is rated at #2 as one of our five speed cubes of 2021.

This is one of the first factory produced speed cubes which uses a revolutionary new magnet levitation tensioning system instead of the spring tensioning system used in the RS3M and virtually ever other speed cube ever made.   Magnet Levitation is the same technology concept which allows the bullet trains in China to reach speed of 600kms! 

With the new MagLev technology you have two repelling magnets which create the necessary compression and tension to function as the speed cube's tensioning system.  Other than this upgrade the cube remains essentially the exact same as the original RS3M - so all the benefits of this great cube such as look and feel and features such as corner cutting and reverse corner cutting is shared with the 2020 edition of the RS3M.  Of course the magnets do add around an additional 5 grams of weight to the cube - so this cube is slightly heavier than the previous model.

But what are some of the pro's and con's compared the 2020 RS3M?

  • Maglev technology means that spring noises are eliminated 
  • The biggest difference is that out of the box this speed cube is genuinely blistering fast -  turning through the layers are faster and feel somewhat lighter
  • You are sacrificing some controllability for the increase in speed.
  • This cube is slightly heavier than the 2020 RS3M

Either way - the RS3M 2020 or the new 2021 RS3M's are both incredible speed cubes who are both very worthy of your investment of time and money. 



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