NEW MoYu HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 MagLev +Core Magnets | 2023

Difficulty Level: 3-Standard
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The all new MoYu HuaMeng YS3M speedcube is designed by current Word Record Holder Yusheng Du.  The MagLev +Core Magnets version includes the now accepted MagLev technology as well as a magnetic ball core, which connects with the corners of the cube.  These magnets are additional to the Corner to edge magnets which is standard for all magnetic cubes.

The magnet levitation (MagLev) system uses two repelling magnets instead of the spring tensioning system, which create the necessary compression and tension to function as the speed cube's tensioning system. This reduces friction and makes a fast speedcube.

 Customization Features:

  • Magnet Strength: Set
  • Axis Distance: Screw distance
  • Tension Setting: 9 settings

Package Includes:

  • MoYu HuaMeng YS3M speedcube 
  • MoYu Perspex Storage Container
  • Tension Tools and Instructions
  • Solving instructions

Please note there are THREE different versions of this cube listed as separate products:

  1. MoYu HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 
  2. MoYu HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 MagLev 
  3. MoYu HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 MagLev +Core Magnets | 2023


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