The Original Rubik's Cube - The Worlds Number 1 Puzzle and Most Iconic Toy

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Title: Rubik's Original 3x3
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The Worlds Number 1 Puzzle and Most Popular Toy.

100% Authentic Original Rubik's Brand 3x3 Cube.  Suitable for Ages 8 and up. 

The Original Rubik's Cube was invented by Professor Erno Rubik in 1974 in order to help his engineering students understand three dimensional problems.   Today after 40 years of history the Original Rubik's Cube remains ever popular having sold well over 450 million puzzles and luckily for us a global interest developed whereby people wanted to solve the cube really fast - and this is where "Speedcubing" was born where 'speedcubers' come together at competitions to break world records - and that is of course our business.  

The rubik's cube is a truly iconic puzzle and is an ideal gift for challenging the young or older mind. Everyone wants an Original Rubik's cube to complete their loved puzzle or toy collection

The goal of solving this puzzle is to twist and turn the sides of the cube till each of the six sides of the puzzle only has one solid color.  Luckily you can access our world famous instructions which includes clear instructions, diagrams and videos demonstrating exactly how to solve the Rubik's Cube in Five Easy Steps   

Today the Rubik's Cube has greatly improved over the original.  Stickers have been replaced by tough - hard wearing - plastic tiles which means no more peeling stickers - everything on this cube is perfectly smooth and square and beautiful in vibrant colors.  

! This cube is not a 'speed cube'.  Parts cannot disassembled and there are no other adjustments possible. 

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