The beginner method to solve a 4x4 is called reduction.  The first step is to solve the six centers. The centers of a 4x4 is not fixed.  It is necessary to solve the centers into the correct position relative to each other.

This tutorial will solve the six centers of a 4x4 in the following order:

1. White
2. Yellow (Opposite White)
3. Green (In between White and Yellow)
4. Orange (Next to Green in the front face with Yellow on the left and White on the right)
5. Solve Red (opposite Orange) and Blue (opposite Green) together.

IMPORTANT: This step is generally done intuitively. The concept explained in this 4x4 tutorial is to make a "bar" (2 centers pieces together) and then put the bars together to form a center.  

1. Solve the White Center

  1. Find two white center pieces. In the image below they are on adjacent sides, but sometimes the two pieces may be on opposite sides of the cube. 
  2. Turn the outer layers until the two white centers will come together and form a “bar” when you move the inner layers together. You may need to turn the outer layers 1,2 or 3 times depending on where the white center is located.
    4x4 a
  3. Turn your cube so that the White “bar” is on top. Make the second White bar and put it together with the first.
    4x4 1b
  4. If you have a center piece at the bottom then use the steps below to make the second White bar and put it together with the first.
    4x4 centers White 4
  5. If you have 3 center pieces together then use the steps below to put the last center piece in place.
4x4 1c

This process is intuitive; you can do it for sure, but it takes a little practice. 

2. Solve the Yellow Center opposite White.

  1. Hold the cube so that the White center is at the bottom.
  2. Use the 2 inner horizontal layers to make a Yellow “bar” in the front face.
  3. Turn the front face so that the pair is in the right-hand side.
  4. Place the Yellow center pair in the top layer without messing up the White center using the following algorithm.
    4x4 2a
  5. Use the middle layer to make the second Yellow “bar”.
  6. Turn the top face and front face so that the 2 yellow bars are on the righthand side in the same column. Pair the bars up in the top layer using the following algorithm.

Possible problem: You may have three center pieces together . Perform the steps below to complete the Yellow center.

4x4 Centers - yellow3

3. Solve the Green center

4x4 - 3a
  1. Hold the cube so that the white center is still at the bottom and the yellow center is on top.
  2. As before you make a Green “bar” using the inner horizontal layers. Do not move the “vertical” inner layers as this will break your yellow and white centers.
  3. Turn the layer with the Green “bar” so that the bar is horizontal. This way you will not break it when making your second Green “bar”.
    4x4 - 3b
  4. Turn the outer layers to orientate the 2 white bars correctly so that you can move them next to each other. Be sure not the break the white or yellow centers.  
4x4 - 3c

4. Solve the Orange center

Put the completed Green center at the bottom, with the Yellow center on the left and White center on the right. Make an Orange "bar" by moving two Orange pieces together, turning the face so the "bar" is vertical then restore the centers.


Repeat this to make second Orange bar this time with Green in the Back and the already completed Bar in the Bottom.

4x4 Center Orange 2

Then follow the instructions below to put the two orange bars together without messing up the completed centers.

Center Orange 3

Possible problem: You may have three center pieces together. Perform the steps below to make your Orange Center.

4x4 Center Orange 4


4x4 Center Orange 5

5. Solve the Red and Blue centers.

There are seven cases for solving the last two centers. In the pictures below the Top face should be Blue and the front face Red.

last 2 centers 1

last 2 centers 2

last 2 centers 3

IMPORTANT: Check that your centers are correct.

  • White opposite Yellow
  • Blue opposite Green
  • Red Opposite Orange. 
  • If White is on top and Blue is facing you, then Red must be on the left and Orange on the Right.

If your centers are not in the correct position then you can use the following algorithms to correct the centers. 

4x4 center swap

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