Step 1: Solve the Yellow centers and tips

  1. Find one tip that DOESN’T have the colour yellow in.
  2. Hold your cube so that that tip is at the back.
  3. Turn the top, left and right sides so until the Yellow is in the front face.
  4. Turn the tips to match

Solving the fist layer Pyraminx step 1

Step 2: Solve the Yellow edges

  1. Turn the cube so that the Yellow face is now at the bottom and the Red bottom centers are in the front face.
  2. Find the Red/Yellow edge piece.
  3. Turn the top face until the Red/Yellow piece is in the front layer with the yellow side of that piece facing you as shown in the pictures below.
  4. Perform the steps below to put the Red/Yellow edge piece in place.


How to solve Pyraminx step2 A
how to solve a pyraminx step 2b
Keeping yellow at the bottom, turn the pyraminx so that a different color is facing you. Repeat the steps above for the blue and green sides.

Possible Problem:
The edge you are looking for is in the bottom layer but in the wrong place or in the correct place but the wrong way around. Perform these steps to pop the piece into the top layer.

Take Edge Out

Step 3: Solve the Red Blue Green centers and tip

  1. Turn the top so that all the center colours match
  2. Turn the top tip to match the center colours.
How to solve a pyraminx step3


Step 4: Solve the Red Blue Green edges

You will now have one of three different cases. Choose the option below that matches your situation and follow the steps to ultimately solve your pyraminx.

Rotate 3 edges anti-clockwise

last layer edges a

Rotate 3 edges clockwise

last layer edges b


Swap 2 adjacent edges

last layer edges c


Rotate 3 edges and flip 2 edges clockwise

last layer edges d


Rotate 3 edges and flip 2 edges anti-clockwise

last layer edges e


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