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So you are on the site and you want to buy a Rubik's cube?  But there are so many options in front of you and you get stuck.  What is the difference between them all and why are some so much more expensive than others?

Well, firstly there are many different brands that make speed cubes, like GAN, MoYu and QiYi for example. The main differences you will find between each model is first of all the type of cube.  There are 2x2's, 3x3's 4x4's, Pyraminx's, Skewb's and so on.  These are entirely different puzzles. 

Second, the design of the pieces, so how the mechanism works together to turn well.  High quality designs (aka premium designs) tend to make the cube turn smoother and these are often more expensive.  

Third, whether the cube has magnets or not.  The letter "M" in the product description typically indicates that its magnetic.  This can sometimes significantly increase the cost of the cube as magnets are precisely installed in the cube to work at the intended strength. 

Fourth, the type of plastic the cube comes in.  You can get cubes with different color plastic or with different surface finishes; depending on what that model offers.  Some examples are stickerless and black colored plastic and surface finishes can be scratch resistant, polished, extra grip and so on.  The majority of cubes will only come in one particular surface type and multiple plastic colors.  But with higher end speed cubes such as the GAN 11 M Pro, there are multiple types of plastic surfaces to choose from.  This generally does not have a major impact on cost and is generally something you should worry much about.  

Fifth, The core, springs and screws also work together behind the scenes with the pieces to get your cube turning just right.  

And finally packaging and accessories can also affect the price of a cube.  Generally the more expensive cubes have customisation options like the ability to adjust the puzzles tension and magnet strength.  But you really don't need these if you are really just starting to learn with or if you are not comfortable with taking the cube apart. It is also worth noting that different cube brands have slightly different color shades, but again not something you should really worry about unless you are buying for someone who is color blind.  

These are all the things that make each cube you see in the catalogue unique.  They all contribute to the overall feel, control and speed of a cube.  As a result you may be inclined to think that a cheap speed cube will turn quite poorly but speedcubing hardware has developed so much in the past few years that essentially all speed cubes that you find on our site turn fast and smooth.  You will notice this particularly if your previous cube was a cheap, store-bought puzzle. 

Of course if your priority is more speed targeted, its certainly worth checking out the higher end speed cubes. 

So, now you know why there are so many speed cubes and why some are pricier than others.  If you feel like you still need help choosing, we recommend that your first speed cube be an item from the "Best Sellers" list which suits your budget.  Magnetic cubes also tend to be the preferred option for first time buyers. 

For further decision making we recommend reading the customer reviews for the puzzles you are interested in as they are all from verified buyers from the store. 

Good luck and happy shopping. 


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Levi Goleby

Levi Goleby

I like speedcubes I am looking for a 2×2 3×3 4×4

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