Difficulty levels defines a subjective assessment as to how easy or difficult it is to learn how to solve a speed cube or twisty puzzle. 

Difficulty levels take the following solving aspects into consideration:

  • "Intuitive" puzzles are ranked as the easiest in difficulty levels indicating that these puzzles can generally be solved without the need to learn formulas. 
  • Can the puzzle be solved by borrowing formulas learnt to solve the original 3x3 (Rubik's Cube).
  • How many algorithms do you need to learn in order solve the puzzle?
  • Shape complexity - considerations such as does the puzzle stay in its original shape or change shape (e.g. shapemod) as you solve, and its actual size /  number of pieces.  Even though solving a 15x15 is in theory no more difficult to solving a 5x5 - it does take a special kind of patience to 

Difficulty Levels of Puzzle Types

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