We love our speed cubes.

However... there are virtually no Australian online outlets to buy today - the long wait and security risks buying from unknown sellers is holding back cubers from enjoying their favorite hobby.  The average delivery time for cubes bought from the US is 14 days - unless you are prepared to pay very expensive delivery options to have it sooner - and even then, it is still a long wait.

Speedcube.com.au is a family business run by young cubers for Australian cubers.  We exist to get you your speed cubes - FAST!

We are based  and ship from Melbourne Australia, and our standard postage service is Australia Post Express Post (They guarantee Next Business Day Guaranteed for all Australian metropolitan areas or your postage money back). We will aim to fulfill same day as your order, and depending on what time you place your order, have it to our local post office for delivery next business day latest. 

Your feedback is important, and we will use it to adapt our stock - we want to ensure we can satisfy your needs.  If we don't have your must have cube - send us an email :  help@speedcube.com.au