Our customers often comment that they study our reviews before buying. Reviews are therefore very important for our customers. 

Here are some tips to write great reviews

Site Reviews:

  • Don't just rate '5' stars or '1' stars
  • Your experience using our website / ordering and checkout
  • Shipping Time (it is useful for others to know which day you ordered the cubes, which state you live in and how long it took to get there)
  • Packaging and accuracy of your shipment (did we get it right, or did we forget something)
  • Quality of service (did we have to refund, return or provide advice)

Product Reviews:

For product reviews, it is best to focus on the specific characteristics of the speedcube or accessory and to describe those.  These characteristics are summarized by Feliks Zemdegs (Rubiks World Champion) in his blog: http://www.speedcube.com.au/blogs/feliks-zemdegs/64469763-september-2015-speedcube-characteristics - and include such things as:

  • weight, size and speed
  • corner cutting (and reverse corner cutting)
  • pops, corner twists and lock ups

And of course let other customers know if you think if it rocks or not!