The following online links and resources provide assistance to you if you would like to transition from a solver to a speedsolver.


Speedcubing Australia


Speedcubing Australia assist organisers with hosting official WCA competitions in Australia. Visit their website to see where the next speedcubing competition will be held.


World Cube Assosiation

World Cube Association

The World Cube Association governs competitions for mechanical puzzles that are operated by twisting groups of pieces, commonly known as 'twisty puzzles'. The website hosts all official speedcubing rankings and results.


Cube Skills by Feliks Zemdegs


CubeSkills, the home of speedcubing tutorials developed by Feliks Zemdegs. It offers easy to follow instruction videos for all skill levels.



CSTimer is a browser based professional timing application designed for Rubik's cube speedsolvers.  It provides scrambles for all WCA events and more.  The application also saves your times and computes your averages.




Cubing Time is an online timer with the option of doing it with friends. Create virtual speedcubing groups, host online competitions and more. Also available as a mobile app.


Jayden McNeil Blog

Speedcubing Blog

Entertain yourself with Speedcubing insights by a top Australian Speedcuber - Jayden McNeil